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Episode 121: Taking Time For You

Published: May 25th, 2019 Permalink

Do you take enough time for you? It’s important! Linda Ockwell-Jenner is back for our latest episode of Motivational Moments to share her thoughts on the topic.

Episode 120: How to Escape The Work You Don’t Enjoy

Published: May 20th, 2019 Permalink

Join Linda Ockwell-Jenner as she shares her thoughts on the importance of escaping work you don’t enjoy. Finding your passion is one of the most rewarding things in life. Transform yourself, as Linda did!

Episode 119: Castles in the Sky

Published: May 10th, 2019 Permalink

We all have dreams and sometimes we turn them into Castles in the Sky, which in essence means they never become a reality. Linda’s always had a knack for turning challenges into opportunities. This had led her to operate two successful businesses.

Episode 118: Duncan Bureau, President Air Canada Rouge

Published: April 19th, 2019 Permalink

In this latest episode of Motivational Moments, Linda Ockwell-Jenner talk with the President of Air Canada Rouge, Duncan Bureau. With his extensive experience in the airline industry, Duncan brings some fascinating insights into the world of air travel.

Episode 117: A Life Like Mine Chapter 2

Published: April 15th, 2019 Permalink

Linda Ockwell-Jenner returns to read the second chapter from her first book: A Life Like Mine. This deeply personal story touches on a multitude of different challenges, and strategies for living with them.

Episode 116: A Life Like Mine Chapter 1

Published: April 6th, 2019 Permalink

Linda Ockwell-Jenner, Author of A Life Like Mine, reads from her highly personal and inspirational first book. In this episode we listen as Linda reads from the first chapter.

Episode 115: A Life Like Mine

Published: March 23rd, 2019 Permalink

Today I thought I’d share the opening few words from my first book, A Life Like Mine. It’s been some time since I wrote this book, but people are still finding so much inspiration knowing that their challenges aren’t unique nor insurmountable.

Episode 114: Sales, The Right Way

Published: December 20th, 2018 Permalink

Sales has changed. Or has it? Hasn’t sales always really been about the relationship, and establishing trust? It’s easy to overlook the basics of sales, but we shouldn’t forget what really matters.

Episode 113: Building Trusted Relationships

Published: August 27th, 2018 Permalink

Relationships built on trust, are relationships built to last. Linda Ockwell-Jenner shares her perspectives on why trusted relationships are critical.

Episode 112: Forgive Your Past

Published: August 19th, 2018 Permalink

Forgiving our past is the most rewarding thing you can do to move on with your future.

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